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FertilityVery stressful… resulting in difficulty having children

Very stressful… resulting in difficulty having children

Women should be careful … too much stress. resulting in infertility! ​

in current situation Whether it’s an epidemic social problems economic problems work problems And factors in various fields all affect people to stress. and great concern Which stress is a major cause that directly affects fertility. or cause more infertility

especially in women If stress May cause abnormal ovulation conditions. or not natural Because stress hormones interfere with the hormones in the reproductive system. As a result, the chances of getting pregnant or having a child are also reduced.

If you know this, you must know how to be careful of yourself. Don’t let it cause you too much stress. Until unable to control the emotions in the mind along with various behavioral and lifestyle adjustments in order to prepare for having a healthy child together as a family

You can get fertility consultation from a specialist doctor at​

infertility treatment clinic and promoting women’s health One of the specialized clinics of BDMS Wellness Clinic​

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