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FertilitySperm DNA Fragmentation

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

For couples who have used assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, ICSI or IUI, they may be familiar with sperm analysis as one of the screening procedures for infertility. But the results can only analyze the cause of infertility in some factors.

But nowadays, we have a modern tool that can analyze the body in depth to the genetic code to increase the chances of pregnancy and success, called Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test. Using the Hamilton Thorne IVOS II machine, which detects damage or breakage in the sperm head DNA, which can indicate the chances of fertilization and pregnancy success rates. It is a modern technology that helps doctors analyze the real cause of male infertility. by detecting sperm more accurately

How important is Sperm DNA?

​ DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is the genetic code information of various living cells. If the DNA is damaged or broken, it will cause the cell to malfunction or have an abnormal shape as well. In this case, if the sperm cells are abnormal, the cell division process will be abnormal. until it can cause the transmission of abnormal genetics from generation to generation as well

How does sperm DNA affect pregnancy?

After the fertilization process of egg cells and sperm will occur cell division which will cause inheritance of genetic traits or transmission of DNA from generation to generation, so if the DNA of sperm is incomplete or damage It will reduce the chances of fertilization of egg cells and sperm. The pregnancy success rate also decreased. or may eventually cause a miscarriage

The main reason why sperm DNA is incomplete or broken is due to
  • getting older
  • stress
  • drinking alcohol smoking
  • toxic environmental pollution
  • Other factors that negatively affect health

​ Therefore, the Sperm DNA Fragmentation test It is another aid in analyzing sperm abnormalities. Find out the cause of infertility from the male side. to increase the chances of pregnancy of the woman contribute to the transmission of good health from generation to generation It is an important matter that should not be overlooked.

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