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Men’s Health



Personalised Supplements

“Everyone is built differently.
Get our personalised supplement
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Men’s Health - regenerative fitness

Preventive aging is the new key to healthy lifestyle. Our dedication to preventive care with specialised physicians and advance technology will address concerns, such as improving physical appearance, athletic performance, blood pressure, lipid profile, brain health, or weight loss. Customising your wellness program, our Regenerative Medicine specialists can create your personalized supplements as needed.


Specialised Services

Explore your health condition at the genetic level, empowered with advance medical technology
Preventive Check-Ups + -

Holistic health check-up that focuses on prevention before disease progression and identify the risk of asymptomatic disease and conditions.

Hormone Screening + -

Check on concerns with fertility, andropause and other conditions.

Weight Management + -

For tailor-made weight-loss programs that improve health and confidence

Comprehensive Genetic Analysis + -

Determine your personal code of health and risk of specific diseases.

Telomere Length Measurement + -

Assess the rate at which your body is aging to determine your biological age in relation to your chronological age.

NK Cell Activity Diagnostics + -

Check your immunity system’s ability to defend against viral infections and cancerous cells.

Food Tolerance Testing + -

Detect hidden food sensitivities that lead to the formation of toxic substances and unpleasant symptoms.

Mirconutrient Management + -

Maintain proper vitamins and mineral levels to optimise health.

Metabolic Check-Ups + -

For a snapshot of your body chemistry and metabolism and the way it is using energy.


Brain Wellness

Day-to-day strain of modern life can end up taxing your cognitive ability. Our expertise in brain function and memory restoration with innovative medical technology designed to help prevent the onset of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Personalised Supplement

Our Regenerative & Wellness Specialists can develop personalized supplements to support optimal balance of your body functions.

Regenerative Fitness

The key to optimizing health begins with prevention in the battle against stress and age related diseases.

We offer a comprehensive variety of genetic and molecular screening and serve as the foundation of other health diagnostic.

Let’s slow down the aging process and get you ready to live a healthy & active life longer with a comprehensive & holistic approach to personalised wellness.

Intimacy Wellness

We let you rediscover the vitality of a youthful life – working with you to build a personalized treatment plan that focuses on regenerating tissue to optimize overall wellness and improved intimacy.
Increase your health equity with our wealth of knowledge regarding male sexual health and offering holistic care to help you regain your sexual confidence and pleasure.

Sexual Rejuvenation

We provide several non-surgical sexual rejuvenation treatment options that contribute to better sexual intimacy and stamina regardless of your age:
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment of premature ejaculation
  • Treatment of delayed ejaculation
  • Balancing hormones in the body

Explore Treatment Options

P Shot + -
An innovative growth factor extract from your own platelets, injected into the area that needs to be restored or treated and is extremely safe and side effect-free
Shock Wave + -
Its great efficacy causes the blood vessels to widen, which improves circulation, rejuvenates cells, and increases the effectiveness of other treatments.
Tesla Former + -
A type of electromagnetic waves that improve sexual function and tone the muscles in the pelvic floor. This helps solve the problems of premature ejaculation.
Enhanced External Counter Pulsation + -
Also known as EECP stimulates blood flow to the penis to improve sexual performance.
VSELs + -
Gains satisfactory results by using your own blood stem cell to inject the trouble area that needs to be restored or treated, which is highly safe without side effects. (More Information)
Hormone Screening Program + -
Sex hormones are tested as part of a holistic hormone testing program for designing on-target medical care.
Nutraceutical Therapy + -
A variety of pharmaceutical medications, can be used to complement personalised regenerative medicine to help achieve the desired results necessary for optimum sexual wellness.

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Shari Wellness is a private medical concierge service – backed by a team of specialists in various medical disciplines and supported by two state-of-the-art surgery centres – with a focus on longevity healthcare, providing a personalised and specialised approach to maintaining youthfulness and overall well-being.