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FertilityTake care of your ovaries before they expire

Take care of your ovaries before they expire

For women in reproductive age aged 25-45 years, ovarian health care is important. But most people may overlook the importance of the ovaries that should be cherished.

Therefore, to assess ovarian function and care to prevent ovarian deterioration or premature expiration We should check hormones to see the function of the ovaries. so that the doctor can advise on internal health care planning to have children in the future appropriately Including extending the menstrual period to allow women to enter menopausal age as slowly as possible

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)

a hormone produced by a woman’s ovaries It tells about the function of the ovaries and the number of eggs produced. Including being able to tell about the chances of pregnancy, with the value of AMH gradually decreasing when entering adulthood and will start to run out when you get older Therefore, the results of the doctor’s examination can be assessed at the stage of administering the oocyte injection and the appropriate time to collect the oocytes.​

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)

hormones that stimulate ovarian growth It affects the menstrual cycle of women greatly. and stimulates mature eggs until ovulation occurs FSH levels that are too low can affect fertility, possibly causing PCOS or polycystic cysts in the ovaries. And if the FSH level is too high, it can cause a woman to go into premature menopause. resulting in infertility It can be concluded that the higher the FSH level, the greater the risk of ovarian failure. or expired eggs

E2 (Estradiol)

female hormones that the body can produce by itself Classified in the same group as estrogen which the doctor will examine to make a diagnosis of infertility deterioration of the ovaries menstrual cycle irregularities Including the balance of sex hormones. or in some cases, the use of hormone replacement therapy must be assessed in the menopausal group, etc.​

Including we should check TVS ultrasound to see abnormalities of the uterus and ovaries. To help check the risk of various serious diseases such as ovarian cysts, ovarian tumors uterine fibroids, etc.

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