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Woman’s HealthWhat hormones should be checked when you step into 40?

What hormones should be checked when you step into 40?

Let’s get to know more about E2 hormone and FSH hormone!
To confidently prepare for menopause


For women aged 40 years and over, you should pay attention to your health. to prolong the period of menstruation as long as possible and entering menopause as late as possible In some cases, there may be old lesions with irregular menstrual problems. Previously missed menstrual periods Therefore, it is necessary to check the hormonal condition. to prevent premature aging Or the condition of changing female hormones rapidly


If there are symptoms that are warning signs or abnormalities in the body, such as hot flashes, night sweats Trouble sleeping or waking up frequently in the middle of the night Mood swings, etc. These symptoms may be early signs that you should see a doctor to check for hormonal abnormalities. and receive proper advice To give women good health and far from disease.


Test for sex hormone levels 2 items that are important are


1. Hormone E2 (Estradiol)

It is the main hormone of the Estrogen group, which is the most important female sex hormone. Most of them are made from ovarian cells. By starting to build when women enter adolescence including ovulation and menstruation If this hormone is abnormal It will cause irregular menstruation and lead to infertility. In addition, this hormone helps diagnose Premature ovarian failure and menopause as well


2. FSH hormone (Follicular stimulating Hormone)

It is a hormone that tells the efficiency of the ovaries. And the effect of FSH hormone can also predict the time of menopause in women.


However, we should consult a gynecologist.

To get advice on the health of women properly. It truly helps us to be beautiful from the inside out.

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