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Woman’s HealthConcerning the matter… health within women

Concerning the matter… health within women

Cervical cancer screening using the Thin Prep method
HPV virus detection (Cobas HPV Test)
Vaginal ultrasound (Ultrasound TVS)​

Nowadays, in medicine, women’s internal health is very important. Especially the detection of abnormalities of the reproductive system and cervical cancer. For the reason that we do not want the patient to develop a disease that is difficult to treat. But we can analyze for lesions. or infection in the stages before the onset of disease in the reproductive system

by cervical cancer These are abnormal cells that can turn into cancer in later stages. If not treated or aware of the disease Therefore, in women of reproductive age, they should start taking care of their health both internally and externally. With medical technology we can diagnose and know about cervical cancer. By screening for cervical cancer using the Thin Prep method together with the HPV (Human papilloma virus) test, a strain that is a risk group, Type 16,18 in women of childbearing age from 21 years old or when starting to have sex In medicine, it has been found to be highly accurate. and after each examination The next examination can be spaced for up to 3-5 years, or vice versa, if abnormal infections are found, further analysis can be performed. and make a treatment plan to prevent it from spreading

However, doctors still advise women to A pelvic ultrasound (Ultrasound TVS) should be performed every year to look for abnormalities within the uterus. uterine fibroids Different types of ovarian cysts or uterine polyps It is also very important.

BDMS Wellness Clinic cares about women’s health. and saw the importance of screening for diseases in women that could not be seen with the naked eye Don’t overlook your inner health.

Knowledge article by

Dr. Warathip Othakanon

Gynecologist at infertility clinic and promoting women’s health BDMS Wellness Clinic​


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