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General InterestObesity or thinness can’t just see from the outside

Obesity or thinness can’t just see from the outside

Because of being fat or thin, you can’t just look at the outside.
Let’s get to know DEXA Scan!


Have you ever noticed that People of the same weight and height, but why do some people look fat and others look thin? or some thin people It has an inconsistent shape. less muscular Therefore, it is the origin of the phrase that skinny people can also have high body fat.

because the main components of the body It consists of bones, fat, and muscles. by every element There will be a different percentage of each gender. A woman’s body naturally has a higher percentage of fat than a man’s. And men have a higher proportion of muscle than women.

Therefore, it is calculated by weight and height. Also known as the Body Mass Index (BMI), so there can be discrepancies. In the case that people with the same weight and height will have the same amount of muscle and fat, for example, one is an athlete. very muscular But another lacks exercise. High fat content, even with the same BMI, but their appearance is clearly different.​

Nowadays, medicine has examined Body Composition or body composition by using a machine called Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA). This machine is a body scan. This will show you the amount of muscle, fat and bone.​

People who are underweight or are thin do not trust. Because if the scan reveals that there is a large amount of fat (Women should not exceed 32% and men should not exceed 28%) but have a small amount of muscle or what we call People who are thin but have a lot of fat (Skinny Fat), which if it is found that more fat than usual is usually accumulated in the abdomen (Visceral Fat), often caused by unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. It was found that there was a risk of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high blood lipids as well.​

With the results of the DEXA test, the doctor can clearly see the proportions of bone, fat and muscle. It can be used as information for health care planning. in conjunction with annual health check-ups It can also be used to track the effects of exercise, such as increasing muscle mass or losing fat mass. more precisely



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