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General InterestStress and brain health

Stress and brain health

  1. In the current situation where people use social media or Social Media a lot, the information received each day may be too much. Until causing stress from receiving information Including the situation of the spread of the virus Resulting in greater anxiety ​ Accumulated stress on the body, especially the brain​​

    Stress and brain performance

    When stressed, the body releases many chemicals to alleviate the cause of stress. Especially a substance called cortisol (Cortisol), which stress affects the performance of the brain as follows

    • memory

    People who are stressed regularly The brain needs energy to maintain balance from the stress hormone (Cortisol) that is secreted a lot. It interferes with some parts of the brain, especially the memory. Managing information received on a daily basis which is the function of the brain but cannot perform this part completely therefore making people who are always stressed are at risk for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia than people who can manage stress well

    • brain size

    Research has found a relationship between body stress. Measured by the amount of stress hormones that are secreted. with the size of the brain with an MRI machine, it was found that those with high levels of stress hormones have a smaller brain size than those with normal levels of stress hormones

    It affects the hippocampus, which is responsible for learning and memory, and the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in thought and emotion. have dementia (Dementia) than people with normal levels of stress hormones or less than normal


    A brain health booster to combat stress​

    • food

    Because there are many compounds in food and some foods can promote the release of happy substances. Also known as serotonin (Serotonin), which helps to improve mood, such as various types of nuts, tofu, eggs, salmon, pineapples, bananas, oats, etc.​

    • exercise

    because of the constant body movement The body will release hormones of happiness. Hormones called endorphins, which are hormones that contribute to relaxation and happiness. Makes the brain function normally, concentrates and improves mood.


    • sleep

    quality sleep And enough to help the brain to deal with the information received on a daily basis. And helps to cause a real break in the brain. Can reduce stress levels and if possible Try to avoid heavy thoughts in the evening or before bedtime.

    • Meditation or relaxation activities

    Research has found that meditating Or finding a relaxing activity can help reduce anxiety symptoms to some extent. and resulting in the part of the brain that responds to stress Also known as the Amygdala, it was less activated in those who practiced meditation. This means that people who meditate regularly are able to manage stress very well.

    Notice the symptoms when stress comes.

    • feeling depressed, depressed, or more anxious than usual
    • Easily offended, easily offended
    • lack of motivation inability to concentrate on what can be done
    • Difficulty sleeping, insomnia, or sleeping too much
    • Problems with memory, forgetfulness, confusion, inability to make decisions immediately

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