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General Interest5 tips…adjust behavior for good health

5 tips…adjust behavior for good health

Dr. Tanupon Wirunhakarun or Dr. Amp Acting CEO of BDMS Wellness Clinic has advice on 5 behaviors that help us to be healthy. and tips on how to strengthen our immunity better on Global Wellness Day (June 12, 2021).

1. Good Sleep

Should sleep at least 8 hours / day and should not sleep later than 10 p.m.


2. Exercise

at least 30 minutes/day and at least 5 days/week


3. Eating healthy food 

Half of that meal should be vegetables and 1/4 of protein.


4. Body Fat Control

Men should be no more than 28% body fat and women should be no more than 32% body fat.


5. Stress control

By starting from not stressing, not thinking negatively, thinking positively, meditating and walking mindfully.


Compliance with these 5 items will help strengthen the immune system. stronger body Start taking care of yourself from today. create good behaviors in daily life for sustainable good health Good health brings success in meditation and mindful walking.

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