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Anti-aging / Wellness (preventive) HealthcareLifestyle Medicine– lifestyle adjustments to achieve sustainable good health

Lifestyle Medicine– lifestyle adjustments to achieve sustainable good health

Nowadays, people’s lifestyles have changed a lot with more hustling work, accumulative stress, packaged food consumption, but less exercise. These behaviors are the major causes that result in non-communicable diseases or NCDs such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, etc. However, regular health care or health check-ups can help prevent disease and avoid the severity of many types of diseases. It is also helpful for doctors to receive continuous information about your health for proper health assessment, advice and treatment planning. This results in better overall health and early disease prevention.


Get to know Lifestyle Medicine

It is a quality lifestyle modification plan based on the principles of lifestyle medicine, with doctors and a multidisciplinary team (health and wellness coaches or HWCs), comprising dietitians, physical therapists, fitness trainers, mental health professionals, etc., working closely together.

Personalized care differs from conventional treatment in that it covers a wide range of health care goals, including eating a healthy diet appropriate to your body’s needs, exercising to improve your physical performance and lifestyle, getting quality sleep by reducing activities that cause sleep disturbances and understanding the nature of sleep, managing stress by creating a positive and optimistic emotional state, avoiding unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and drinking alcohol.


Why Lifestyle Medicine?

If we want to have the best health or well-being, we must follow the basic health care principle that is “prevention is better than cure”. The reason is that staying healthy leads to a long and happy life, which is better than suffering from an illness and then treating it.

Modern medicine has advanced so far that there is preventive medicine that helps prevent disease and also various alternatives that complement health care. The key to complete preventive medicine is self-care or lifestyle medicine. It focuses on managing the root causes of lifestyle-related diseases by modifying patients’ lifestyle behaviors based on medical and scientific evidence-based guidelines for disease prevention and treatment. However, lifestyle medicine is not only aimed at treating or controlling chronic diseases. In some cases, it can bring chronic diseases related to lifestyle behaviors back to normal without medication.


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