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Anti-aging / Wellness (preventive) HealthcareKnow first, prevent it with DNA testing

Know first, prevent it with DNA testing

Know first, prevent it with DNA testing.
for the health care that is right for you

Get to know What is genetic testing or DNA..??

genetic code It is the information that How do our cells, organs and bodies look and function? It was found that only 0.1% of the genetic code is different from person to person. Which is an important part that explains why we humans are different in appearance, body or immune system in causing various diseases. In-depth health examination of the genetic code It helps to assess the risk of future diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis. or blood clots, etc.


How necessary is genetic or DNA testing..??

Genetic testing or DNA (DNA) is a Personalized Healthcare test that checks what we have since birth. What our parents have passed on to us is our basis It’s in us and will never change. no matter what age


Have you ever noticed that…
  • Why do some people get sick easily?
  • Why do some people take medicine and have allergies?
  • Why do some people fail to lose weight?

With all these differences being a genetic factor. And with people’s bodies are different. Life is not the same If we know our bodies better through DNA testing (DNA), we can know our health in advance. What diseases are likely to be at risk? Or is there any hidden disease? which DNA testing It can be done by anyone, any age, or suitable for people who recognize the importance of health care in various areas.


DNA testing for what?
for personal health care planning
  • Control your weight wisely achieve weight loss goals and found a big change in your body
  • Redefining skin health Decoding the genetic information of the skin and make decisions based on personal information
  • Less Stressed, Better Sleep Revealing genetic propensity for stress coping and sleep quality.
  • Know yourself through Discover a unique genetic blueprint Learn how DNA influences individual qualities and abilities.


so that we can understand your risk of disease
  • Early detection can save lives: 50% of people with cancer genes do not have a family history of cancer.
  • More than 90% of chronic diseases can be prevented. Research shows that 1 in 6 healthy adults has a genetic risk associated with potentially serious health problems.
  • Start protecting your family the right way. Over 80% of children with inherited traits are born to parents who are unaware they carry the mutated gene.


How good is DNA testing (DNA)?

DNA testing helps us discover the genetic blueprints of unique traits. So that we know the chances of getting various diseases, which not only helps us take care of and prevent the disease in the right way. but still able to check our health

Including DNA testing will help find abnormalities in the genes deep down to the DNA. which contributes to the assessment of potential health risks in the future To be a guideline for determining health behaviors for longevity such as

  • Eating = What kind of food do we have to eat?
  • Nutrient fortification = what kind of nutrients our body lacks and needs to be supplemented.
  • Exercise = Which style of exercise is more suitable for us?
  • health check to reduce the risk of various diseases

Because a DNA test (DNA) doesn’t tell you if you have a disease. It tells you what risk factors you have for the disease. If we know early, we can change our behavior. Therefore, DNA testing is a preventive measure before the occurrence of the disease.

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