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Personalised SupplementThe older, the ovary has reduced the production of mature egg cells!

The older, the ovary has reduced the production of mature egg cells!

Because women will have their reproductive years at the age of 20-35 years, which is considered the time when the eggs are of perfect quality for pregnancy. And it’s the best time to collect eggs. To deposit frozen egg cells. If the age is after 35 years, the eggs can still be stored. But the chances of a successful pregnancy are diminished.

Therefore, women should freeze their eggs during their reproductive years in order to obtain good quality eggs. which is like a precious treasure that should be kept to increase pregnancy success and complete your future family


good ovarian health It depends on 3 main factors.
  1. Sufficient blood supply to the ovaries
  2. There are enough nutrients needed for ovarian function.
  3. There is the correct removal of free radicals.


which all of the above As a fertility treatment and women’s health promotion clinic, BDMS Wellness Clinic recognizes the importance of this precious ovarian health. Therefore, it has been recommended to check to maintain the quality of the ovaries, such as nutrient detection. vitamins and minerals in the body Including analysis of antioxidants and heavy metals To know the results of ovarian function. and help adjust the working conditions of the ovaries to be suitable before going into the egg collection process in order to deposit the frozen eggs further.

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