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Personalised SupplementIs it necessary or not before taking vitamins to check the vitamins in the blood?

Is it necessary or not before taking vitamins to check the vitamins in the blood?

Nowadays, most people are starting to take care of their health more and more, resulting in a “health care trend” whether it is exercise. Eating healthy food, clean food, doing IF (Intermittent Fasting), especially taking supplements or vitamin supplements.


taking vitamin supplements

It is eaten to protect the body from vitamin deficiency and the occurrence of various diseases. The vitamins that are eaten are often multivitamins. Or vitamins that support specific needs, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc.​

But very few people check blood vitamin levels before taking vitamin supplements. Because I understand that it’s okay. But if taking vitamins without being tested first The vitamins that are eaten May not meet the needs of the body and cause some negative effects such as

  • Some fat-soluble vitamins or antioxidants can accumulate in the body and if accumulated too much may cause harm
  • Eating a multivitamin in one tablet May not respond to the amount your body needs. And may increase the amount of certain vitamins or minerals that the body already has enough. become too much And don’t forget that people’s bodies are different. As a result, the need for vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body also varies.​
  • In the case of people with deterioration of the excretory system such as the liver and kidneys, regardless of age or caused by taking medicine for a long time Taking vitamin supplements without talking to your doctor can make your digestive system work harder.


Therefore, if you look at the basic needs of the body for vitamins and antioxidants before deciding to take vitamin supplements or to make personalized vitamins (Customized Supplements) under the supervision of a physician. in order to get vitamins and antioxidants with the right amount Meet the requirements by referring to the blood results. Which is measured by a scientifically validated and accurate instrument for assessing nutritional status.

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