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Hair“Strong Scalp” reduces hair loss and stimulates new hair.

“Strong Scalp” reduces hair loss and stimulates new hair.

Many people pay attention to their hair. Both looking for help to nourish the hair to be soft and shiny, but don’t forget that the scalp is an even more important part. because it is the area where the hair sticks and is the area where the blood vessels nourish Therefore, if the scalp is healthy The resulting hair will be strong and not easy to fall off. But if the scalp is weak, it will result in various problems such as


  • Dry, flaky scalp caused by peeling off the top layer of skin cells. It may be caused by an imbalance or a side effect of other skin diseases, resulting in excessive exfoliation of the skin cells on the scalp, resulting in white flakes. fall off disturbing
  • Dandruff is a condition that can be found in all genders and ages and greatly affects personality. In some cases, itching may also occur. It can be easily noticed at the base of the hair, hair, or it may fall off and cling to the shoulder area. Dandruff can be caused by many reasons, such as fungal infections. or dermatitis
  • Ringworm is caused by a fungal infection. and cause a ring rash with a clearly defined convex edge around the scalp This infection often causes itching. patchy hair loss scalp inflammation Until it can become purulent


Therefore, maintaining a healthy scalp is important and is the first step towards healthy hair. This can be easily done as follows:



Do not wash your hair too often.

This is because frequent shampooing removes the natural oils produced to moisturize the scalp and hair. Also, the use of certain hair-cleansing products can cause the scalp to lose its acid-base balance. and can cause dry scalp


Massage stimulates blood circulation.

Because the scalp area has a lot of blood vessels to nourish. Therefore, reflexology is another way to stimulate the blood to flow well. It also makes you feel relaxed as well.


Use some nourishing serums.

Using a scalp serum will help increase moisture. Makes hair roots strong and can reduce hair loss. However, you should choose a serum that contains natural extracts. Free from parabens, fragrances or substances that cause irritation.


avoid chemicals

such as hair coloring or hair styling products. that have the opportunity to directly touch the scalp May cause an allergic reaction. clogged pores and scalp inflammation Therefore, the use of these products should be avoided or spaced out as much as possible.

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