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Personalised SupplementPersonalized vitamins boost immunity

Personalized vitamins boost immunity

Long Covid  is a symptom that occurs in patients with COVID-19. Even though they recover, the virus is not found in the body. But after infection, it can affect health in the long run. The most common symptoms are: Tired more easily, hair loss, insomnia chronic fatigue, headache, etc., in order for the body to recover as quickly and completely as possible Therefore, it is necessary to revitalize the body from the outside and strengthen the immune system from the inside to return to its original strength. by taking the right vitamins for the body

Who is the personalized vitamin suitable for?
  • Patients after recovering from COVID-19
  • People with various chronic illnesses
  • Those who rarely have time to take care of themselves or have a fast-paced lifestyle
  • People with poor absorption have bowel problems
  • People who don’t eat from the 5 food groups or are concerned about their nutrition.
  • pregnant women breastfeeding
  • Elderly people and sick people These people are not getting enough nutrients and vitamins. causing the need to receive vitamin supplements


How good is it to supplement individual vitamins?
  • The body will receive vitamins that are suitable for the body’s needs. both types and amounts of consumption by a doctor who specializes in preventive medicine
  • Contributes to boosting immunity and meet individual needs
  • Contributes to restoring performance to the body
  • Contributes to the increase of antioxidants
  • Includes vitamins important for the immune system
  • Convenient, no need to take many pills


What results do you know about personalized vitamins?

BWC Antioxidants Plus Customized Vitamin Package

  • Blood test program to analyze vitamin content and 10 types of antioxidants
  • Results analyzed by a specialist in preventive medicine.
  • Get personalized vitamins designed according to blood results in oral form for 1 month.


Price 8,800 baht

from 1 January –  31 December 2023


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