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DentalGet to know VSCs, the main cause of bad breath.

Get to know VSCs, the main cause of bad breath.

One of the causes of bad breath Caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth The bacteria produce odor-causing substances called VSCs (Volatile sulfur compounds), volatile substances or gases that contain sulfur, such as sulfur compounds and hydrogen sulfide.


The preliminary inhibition of VSCs formation can be achieved by using toothpaste to reduce bad breath. Containing  Zinc Lactate and Cetylpyridinium chloride  , Zinc Lactate can inhibit the occurrence of VSCs, which causes bad breath, by the charge of Zinc (zinc ion) directly affecting bacteria, reducing plaque, reducing bacteria.


along with drinking water regularly don’t let your mouth dry It will help eliminate bacteria and increase the amount of oxygen in the mouth. Helps to remove stains on the tongue and phlegm in the throat. as well as food particles stuck in the grooves of the tonsils and increased saliva Therefore, brush your teeth after every meal. and choose appropriate oral products that do not cause dry mouth


But if the bad breath is persistent. It is advisable to visit a dentist. to take a history Both in terms of congenital disease and oral hygiene care and further examination to find the cause of the disease



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