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Personalised SupplementThe era of shopping for self-contained vitamins is over when there is Customized Vitamin.

The era of shopping for self-contained vitamins is over when there is Customized Vitamin.

Nowadays, new generations are increasingly interested in health care. Buying vitamins is another way to take care of your health to prevent vitamin deficiency. and promote body functions Sometimes it may be buying vitamins for yourself or taking someone else’s. which may have negative effects on the body If you eat the wrong way or the amount is too much And may negatively affect the waste excretion system in the body such as the liver and kidneys.​

with modern technology makes it possible to check the condition of the body measure vitamin levels antioxidant And various minerals in the body, including the measurement of various hormone levels in detail for taking care and solving individual problems exactly to the point and knowing what the body lacks Doctors can prepare vitamins for patients appropriately. also known as Personalized Vitamins

The advantage of personalized vitamins is that you will receive vitamins that are suitable for your body’s needs. Both the type and amount of consumption is correct. Ready to give advice closely by a specialist doctor. Because one vitamin may not be suitable for each individual’s body.

However, experts should be consulted. To get advice on which vitamins or minerals to take. Which form of vitamins is right for you?

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