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Nutrition / FoodPearl milk tea… Dangerous delicious drinks

Pearl milk tea… Dangerous delicious drinks

National Bubble Tea Day  which is regarded as a “hit menu” of Thai people that many people are fascinated by But don’t forget that this delicious drink carries many dangers: obesity, sugar, fat, and low nutritional value!


From the survey of all 25 bubble tea shops, it was found that

  • Pearl milk tea that is sold in our house has an average energy of up to 408 kilocalories, which is equal to eating one meal or 5 ladles of rice.
  • Contains up to 43 grams of sugar (11 teaspoons) and 12 grams of fat (about 3 teaspoons of oil).

What’s even more shocking is that some stores have as high as 769 kilocalories of energy, or equal to eating almost 10 ladles of rice! It has up to 74 grams of sugar, or 19 teaspoons of sugar, which is three times the recommended amount. which allows us to consume no more than 24 grams of sugar or only 6 teaspoons


It also contains up to 25 grams of fat (5 teaspoons of oil), most of which is fat. “saturated fat” from ingredients like non-dairy creamer and evaporated milk That’s higher than the American Heart Association’s recommendation of no more than 11-12 grams of saturated fat per day (5-6% of your daily energy needs).


Because sugar and saturated fat is the cause of chronic non-communicable diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease So we would like you to weigh in a bit. If you eat regularly, what will you get into your body?


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