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Personalised SupplementNutrients to enhance the age “SA” (Silver Age)

Nutrients to enhance the age “SA” (Silver Age)

Nutrients to enhance the age “Sa” (SA – Silver Age)​
October 1, International Day of Older Persons (International Day for Older Persons)


In 2021, Thailand stepped into ‘Fully aged society’ with 20% of the population aged 60 years and over. Thailand has the second highest elderly population in ASEAN after Singapore.


We call the elderly group the Silver Age group, referring to the color of the hair that is silver-gray. This is considered an elderly group with great potential because their bodies are still strong and energetic, able to go around by themselves. Have all the time and purchasing power or can be called “Yaisa” (Silver-Age) that can be said


and to encourage the body of the elderly to remain healthy Today, let’s look at the important nutrients that help strengthen the SA age to have a more healthy body.​


1. Enough Protein

Many seniors do not eat enough protein. It may be due to anorexia problem. oral health and teeth or flatulence from indigestion Therefore, it is advisable to choose to eat protein from fish meat, tofu, and various dried beans such as soybeans, chickpeas, mung beans, red beans because not only are they high in protein and easy to digest, but beans also contain isoflavones. (Isoflavones), which are antioxidants. Helps reduce the incidence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and prostate cancer. as well as helping to reduce symptoms after menopause in women


2. Calcium

The elderly need at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day to maintain bone mass. Eat foods that are good sources of calcium, such as hard tofu, leafy green vegetables, and soft-boned fish. Or foods that are fortified with calcium, such as nut milk, plant-based yogurt. including taking calcium supplements By choosing the type of calcium that is easily absorbed like calcium l trionate. (L-Threonate) because it can be absorbed up to 90%.


3. Vitamin D

to make calcium absorption more efficient The body needs enough vitamin D. Most Thai people are very deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure. Elderly people should go out in the morning or evening in the sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes a day, along with eating fish and mushrooms, which are good sources of vitamin D. However, older adults should consult their doctor to check their vitamin D levels and take a vitamin supplement. appropriately good


4. Omega-3

Many seniors are advised to choose a low-fat diet to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. The result is weight loss and a lack of essential fatty acids. Therefore, you should choose to eat good fats such as omega-3 from meat, fish, nuts, avocados. This type of fat reduces blood coagulation. (Anticoagulant) can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


5. Vitamin B12

Although most elderly people get enough vitamin B12, its absorption is reduced as a result of aging and taking certain medications. causing problems with vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Food sources of vitamin B12 suitable for the elderly, such as fish, tempeh, seaweed, or foods that contain vitamin B12, which vitamin B12 plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system and brain. the growth of red blood cells in the bone marrow


6. Fiber

Dietary fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and helps to keep bowel movements regular. Many seniors do not eat enough fiber. due to dental health problems Therefore should eat easily digestible fiber such as unpolished rice, beans, including vegetables and fruits that are not hard. Nowadays, there are more convenient options. like dietary fiber, drinking water This ensures that you are getting enough dietary fiber on a daily basis.


7. Vitamin C

The body tends to weaken as we get older. make it easy to get sick from infection Getting vitamin C, which is classified as an antioxidant. and plays an important role in strengthening the immune system helps the body to be healthy relieve cold symptoms Foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits like oranges, kiwis, lemons, strawberries. and many vegetables such as bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.​


8. Probiotics

It’s a good microorganism. Help maintain a healthy intestinal balance. inhibit the growth of bad microorganisms Helps to excrete normally. Having a healthy gut balance prevents leaky gut syndrome (Leaky Gut Syndrome), which can lead to other health problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), weakness, headaches, and inflammation.​



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