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Anti-aging / Wellness (preventive) HealthcareIf the immune system is not functioning properly What could be sick?

If the immune system is not functioning properly What could be sick?

The immune system is responsible for protecting our body from “harm.” Although no invasion actually occurs, these diseases and disorders result in the immune system destroying normal cells in the body. And cannot protect you when the body is infected with disease.


Autoimmune conditions and diseases such as

1. Allergies

Occurs when the body reacts to harmless substances such as food or pollen. By secreting histamine (Histamine) causing allergic reactions ranging from nasal congestion, sneezing, or may be severe to shortness of breath. and to the point of death


2. Autoimmune diseases

This is when the immune system misunderstands and attacks normal cells in your body. It can cause many diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus or SLE (SLE)


3. Immunodeficiency (Immunodeficiency diseases)

If you have an immunodeficiency disease You’ll get sick more easily and your infection may last longer and become more severe. making it difficult to treat It is often caused by genetic disorders or infection with the HIV virus that destroys white blood cells in the body. and increase the chance of serious illness


4. Cancer

such as leukemia or leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma. These cancers directly affect the functioning of the immune system.


It can be seen that the immune system is very important to a healthy body. Help prevent illness that may occur without our knowledge. and recover quickly if infected with germs Therefore, we should always take care of our immune system to function properly. with physical examination and adjusting behaviors that promote sustainable good health


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