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HairGoing to bed with wet hair… risking bad hair without knowing it!

Going to bed with wet hair… risking bad hair without knowing it!

Many people come back from work tired, exhausted, sleepy, after taking a shower and washing their hair, they immediately want to lie down to bed. or someone who likes to wash their hair at night to save time during the morning rush So I overlooked the blow-drying process and thought it was okay. And often go to bed with wet hair, but do you know how this behavior affects the health of the hair and scalp?



There is a chance of infection in the scalp area.

Because going to bed with wet hair creates moisture around the scalp and the pillow we support. This humidity is the factor that causes fungus on the scalp. Including the accumulation of bacteria as well It also causes itchy scalp. Frequent scratching can cause the scalp to peel and cause ulcers.

dandruff problem

Because the humidity will stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp. causing the sebaceous glands to produce more oil until they lose their balance together with a greater chance of fungal infection from damp hair and scalp Causes the shedding of the epidermal cells on the top layer of the scalp. and as a result can cause dandruff

easy hair loss

Sleeping on and pulling on your hair while it’s wet Causes hair breakage and hair loss, as well as the infection and dandruff problems mentioned above, making your hair weaker and more prone to falling out.

I got tangled in the morning

As the hair is wet, the hair will clump together. When we go to bed without waiting for our hair to dry first. Of course, when you wake up in the morning, you will face the problem of tangled hair. My hair is not full. This makes it take more time to style your hair in the morning than before.


Knowing this, don’t accidentally go to bed while your hair is still wet. Be patient, blow dry your hair completely before going to bed for the health of our hair and scalp.


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