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Personalised SupplementCheck with a blood test analyzing the amount of nutrients, vitamins and 18 types of mineral salts

Check with a blood test analyzing the amount of nutrients, vitamins and 18 types of mineral salts

Vitamins are what our bodies need on a daily basis, which are important in helping the body’s normal functioning system. How do you know that We take the right amount of vitamins, not too much or too little. because each person’s body is different Commercially available vitamins may not be suitable for everyone’s health. Therefore, health checks by analyzing blood To supplement with vitamins and minerals suitable for us is necessary.

nutrient level measurement vitamins and minerals How important are micronutrients?

Can take the results of the examination to analyze what vitamin our body is lacking. and vitamins that we take each day Does it meet our needs? And the result can be used as a guideline to adjust the eating habits that the body needs at the point. to bring about health care planning from lifestyle modifications Since the choice of food Individualized rehabilitation Or use the information to design personalized supplements (Customized Supplements) to maintain various nutrient levels at an appropriate level. to strengthen the body to function normally

nutrient level measurement vitamins and minerals How do micronutrients work?

BDMS Wellness Clinic provides antioxidant level measurement services. vitamins and minerals in the body And analyzed by a doctor specializing in preventive medicine (Preventive Medicine) with individual vitamin and antioxidant design. (Personalized Compounding Supplement) so that your vitamin intake meets your body’s needs.


Blood test to analyze nutrients, vitamins and 18 minerals (Micronutrients)
  • Antioxidant check and vitamin level check, including vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E in the body, etc., beta-carotene level check, alpha-carotene level check, lycopene level check in the body , beta-kryptoxanthin levels, lutein and zeaxanthin levels Help with eyes and Coenzyme Q10 level check is the precursor of energy in the body
  • Check the balance of minerals and other minerals in the body, including folate, vitamin B12, chromium, lead, cadmium and mercury in the blood, zinc content. and phosphorus


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