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Anti-aging / Wellness (preventive) Healthcare5 deadly diseases that the elderly should be careful!

5 deadly diseases that the elderly should be careful!

5 deadly diseases that the elderly… You should be careful!


When the function of various organs, cells and immunity in the body of the elderly begins to deteriorate, various diseases will begin to interfere more. Diseases that the elderly should not ignore And what are they often found?


  • diabetes

Caused by the inability of the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin sufficiently and the body becomes resistant to the hormone insulin Sugar cannot be utilized fully. As a result, the body has blood sugar levels higher than normal. if not properly treated It can lead to serious complications. or causes premature death

  • osteoarthritis

It is a common disease in the elderly. caused by increasing age and heavy use for a long time causing wear and tear of the cartilage of the knee joint The structure has changed or deteriorated. If not treated, it will result in knee deformity. and finally have movement problems

  • kidney disease

when kidney function is abnormal or not working at full efficiency It results in problems in waste disposal. and controlling the acidity in the bloodstream In the early stages, patients with kidney disease rarely have any signs of this disease. But the symptoms will appear in the late stages where the kidneys have already deteriorated. which may eventually lead to death

  • high blood pressure

Silent threats that rarely show symptoms But some people may experience headache, dizziness, dizziness and unusually tired. Left untreated, organs such as the heart, blood vessels, brain, kidneys and eyes can be affected.​

  • Alzheimer’s disease

Caused by many changes in the brain Until some parts of the brain work slowly deteriorate, so symptoms manifest, such as frequent forgetfulness, like to ask repeated questions, or in some cases, the brain may not be able to continue using at all. Which before you know it, it may take months or even years.

Therefore, the health of the “elderly” should be taken care of a lot in order to live a quality life. and live happily

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