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Intergrative Wellness

Intergrative Wellness

Sense of Authentic Eastern

Ideal for all novices to authentic and traditional Eastern experience. 

Embrace the alternative approach to wellness as we support you on your journey towards optimal wellbeing.


Rest Well

Immerse yourself in serenity and fully rest in a botanical garden or pool villa surrounded by the splendour of nature in Bang Krachao, nestled along the Chao Phraya River.

Eat Well

Discover the finest taste of wellness cuisine, where nutrition, nature, seasonality, and sustainability are meticulously woven into the menus to help your body clear harmful toxins, reduce inflammation, and restore a healthy balance.

Live Well

With the best facilities and resources to guide you on your way to longevity and healthier habits, combined with supportive care, gentle motivation and positive energy for every minute you spend with us in the retreat.


  • Doctor consultation (2 times)
  • Health & Wellness consultation 
  • Nutrition & Dietetics consultation

SEVEN Assessments:

  • DNA Scientific Wellness Screening
  • Comprehensive Blood, Urine & Stool Tests
  • Physical Movement Assessment
  • Physiotherapy Assessment
  • EKG
  • ABI
  • Body Composition Analysis Session 

ELEVEN Treatments:

  • Cryo Sauna Session
  • Whole Body Light Therapy Session
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Session
  • IV Infusion Treatment with Weber Laser Therapy
  • Signature Relaxing Massage
  • TWO Alternative Medicine Treatments*
  • Energy Medicine Treatment*
  • Spa Treatment*
  • GAYA Treatment*
  • One Month Discovery Supplement


  • Doctor Consultation (2 times)
  • Health & Wellness Consultation


  • Comprehensive Blood test + Diagnostic 

SEVEN Treatments:

  • Blood Ozone IV
  • Immune Fight IV Infusion Treatment with Weber Laser Therapy
  • Signature Relaxing Massage
  • Personal Corrective Exercise
  • Traditional Thai Prakob & Massage
  • Zen Na Tai (Chi Nei Tsang + Cranio Sacral)
  • Mindfulness Meditation


  • Doctor Consultation 
  • Health & Wellness Consultation 

FOUR Assessments:

  • Lab Test : cd profile d3/cd4/cd8
    Lab Test : % cd 16/56
  • Lab Test : Natural Killer Cellcytotoxic activity 1
    Lab Test : Physical Movement Assessment

NINE Treatments:

  • Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Blood Ozone IV
  • Antioxidant Boost Up IV
  • Acupuncture
  • Traditional Thai Ya-Pao Detoxification Therapy
  • Abhyanga
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Pranayama Session
  • Personal Corrective Exercise

Welcome to Shariwellness

Shari Wellness is a private medical concierge service – backed by a team of specialists in various medical disciplines and supported by two state-of-the-art surgery centres – with a focus on longevity healthcare, providing a personalised and specialised approach to maintaining youthfulness and overall well-being.